Postpartum Hair Loss: What Is It and How to Deal with It

Jan 23, 2017 AT 09:49 AM | BY StyleBlizzard
(Photo credit: Getty Images)
(Photo credit: Getty Images)

Pregnancy can often cause a serious spurt in hair growth which many women seem to enjoy, until they eventually don’t — the hormonal changes in body are responsible for both accelerating the growth and shininess of hair as well accelerate hair loss after the initial increased production of estrogen after delivering the child.

The important thing is to not overly worry about it, since it might just be temporary — and perfectly natural and temporary. However, some changes to your lifestyle can improve hair growth and strength and lessen the chances of a permanent hair condition.

1. Be Gentle

It’s important to note that when you’re rough with hair at its most sensitive, you can be the one responsible for it falling out — you can also damage the follicle.

2. Avoid Stress

That might not always be possible after delivering a baby, but handling your stress is essential if you want to keep your hair loss at bay. Manage your sleep cycle as well, as it is essential in our capability of handling stress.

3. Massage with Oils

Warm up olive or coconut oil to lukewarm temperature and apply generously to your scalp. Massage your scalp for 5-10 minutes, then leave it in overnight, washing off with your regular shampoo in the very morning. Repeat twice-thrice a week.