3 Completely Natural Sweeteners You Can Replace Sugar With

Jan 23, 2017 AT 09:11 AM | BY StyleBlizzard
(Photo credit: Getty Images)
(Photo credit: Getty Images)

Sugar is probably the first thing you want to cut from your diet if you ever start one. There are many benefits of quitting sugar, like improved mood, higher energy and easier weight loss as well as faster metabolism. But who doesn’t miss something sweet once in a while?

Here are some alternatives for sugar that won’t take such a big toll on your metabolism in the long run:

1. Raw Honey

Not only is raw honey a perfect substitute for sugar in your every day use, it can even make the sweets good for you! It’s chock full of vitamins and nutrients.

2. Stevia

Stevia is made from another plant that grows in warm-climate regions. This natural sweetener can make for a good substitute for sugar, and due to its rich antioxidant and anti diabetic qualities as well as 0-calorie count, it’s actually good for you.

3. Dates

Dates come from the date palm tree, and fruit of the tree can be used as a natural substitute to sugar when it’s ripe. Dried dates can then be crushed to make a substance that is very similar to brown sugar in taste, but is infinitely better for you.